Make Money with 0 Dollars Invested


Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

So you want to make money online. It’s a lot easier than you think. You may have heard that you need money to make money, but when making money online that is not the case. This is no make quick money rich thing, but it will at least make you some cash and from there you can expand.

Well you do need at least some money before making the big money, but I can show you how to get that. First, you want to make some money by forum posting. You can make 10 to 20 cents per post, and it adds up quick. I recommend Digital Point forums to find forum posting jobs.
You could also write articles. You can sell your articles for up to 5 dollars on the Digital Point forums. Make sure that you write about something you know about that you think people will actually buy.

You actually need some writing skill too, but it’s not like there expecting you to be Shakespeare.

Designing is definitely the best way to make some start-up cash. Design logos for people and charge around 50 dollars. Design sites or blogs and charge 200 or 300. There is a ton you can do and jobs are plentiful. Try to build up a decent portfolio because that will help you make money later.

Now, you can buy a domain. You want to try and buy a good .com or .net one. Build a blog or site on it and load it with articles. Make sure that it has a good design or it will ward off potential buyers.

Now try to sell it in forums. You want to try to get money based on how many articles there are. For 10 articles you should get 150 dollars.

Once you do that invest the money to buy articles for more blogs or sites. Then you can repeat the process.

This can eventually make you a ton of money. Think about it, 16 blogs times 150 is 2000 dollars. Keep expanding and you can make a full income doing it.

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